thankful-scriptThis week our church family is focusing on various psalms that will help us be thankful. It has been a joy to study psalm 100 with friends and family.

Scripture – Enter His gates with thanksgiving. Psalm 100:4

Observations – When being grateful it is to easy to think about the stuff we have, our family, friends, church, and health. There is nothing wrong with this, but it wasn’t the worldview of David when he wrote this psalm of Thanksgiving. He was grateful because of the attributes of God:
God – Acknowledge that the Lord is God! – v. 3
Creater – He made us, and we are His. – v. 3
Shepherd – We are His sheep of His pasture. -v. 3
Good – For the Lord is good. – v. 5
Unconditional love – His unfailing love continues forever. – v. 5
Faithfulness – His faithfulness continues to each generation. v. 5

Application – If God made us, he has a good reason. As a shepherd, He cares, guides and protects his sheep. We must know his voice and follow Him. I am so thankful that the Lord never gives up on us. I will never grasp how patient and how big His grace is.

Prayer – Father, may I never loose the sense of awe of who you are in my life. May my heart be filled with a continued sense of gratitiude becasue of who you are and how involved you are in my life. Please forgive me for needing a holiday to help me be thankful. Allow me to intentionally be grateful every day. I am dependent on you. I love you.


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